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199 Icons
199 Icons
17 x Weeds (7x01 - 7x02)
49 x Six Feet Under (1x09 - 2x02)
12 x Elijah Wood - Wilfred US (1x01 - 1x03)

40 x Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Season 6, 7)
32 x Sirens (1x01 - 1x02)

49 x Grosse Pointe [The Wb Series] (Entire Series)



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Very nice! Taking a few of Six Feet Under ones, will credit:)

Thanks. :) Happy you like them.

Great icons. I like the Wilfred ones the most.

The SFU icons are great, especially the ones with Billy. Buffybot. :'( Might take some of the Buffy/SFU ones once I found the "motivation" to change my icons.

Thanks. Happy you like some of them too. I love the ones with Billy the most too. I responded to his character while rewatching in an entirely different way.

Buffybot yay!

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